INDIANAPOLIS – Standard Change-Makers is in the process of converting our change machines from the T-Handle Slam Lock to a 3-Point Locking System. The new design utilizes the same T-Handle, and extends 1/4″ thick carbon steel bars to latch the door at the top and bottom of the cabinet, along with a latch point on the side. Owners no longer need to repeatedly turn the T-Handle to open the door. A simple quarter-to-half turn with unlatch the door at all three points.

Standard introduced the first 3-point locking system in the MC700 Series machines in January, 2022. Then the MC100 machines began shipping in February, 2022. Other models will follow as soon as the new cabinets pass the design testing phase.

MC720-DA with NEW 3-Point Locking System installed

New Lock latches at Top, Bottom & Side

The concept of the 3-Point Locking System is to provide three latch points. The steel bars latch at the top and bottom, and the curved latch bar secures in a slot welded to the side of the cabinet. When the Ace or Medeco key is inserted in the T-Handle, the handle “pops” out the same as it always has. A simple quarter-to-half turn of the t-handle disengages the bars and latch, and the door opens. The new design eliminates turning the T-Handle several times to get the bolt to unthread from the block.

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