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Creating custom solutions for unattended payment operations since 1955. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Change Machines

Standard Change Machines set the "standard" in bill, coin & card acceptance and change, token and ticket dispensers.

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Standard's Guardian XP (GXP) Entry Systems provide several features and marketing benefits for Automatic Car Wash bays.

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Standard's Bill Exchanger series provide bill-to-bill or bill-and-coin change, offering the convenience of a full-time attendant.

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Standard Change Machines have many plug & play optional features to help you manage your business.

About Us

Who We Are?

Standard Change-Makers is a small business operating in Indianapolis, IN. Our primary business is the design and manufacture of currency change machines and car wash entry systems.

Our capabilities don’t end there. Because of our talented team of designers and machinists, we also offer custom metal work for companies in need of small run, overflow work in cutting, forming and welding services.

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Reason to Choose Us


Sturdy & Rugged Construction

Heavy gauge steel, solid welded seams, no rivets or spot welds.


Steel Coin Hoppers

Our coin dispensers have steel housings, direct drive motors that don’t require lubrication or replacement of belts or chains.


Plug & Play Optional Features

We start with “simple function”, and build from there. Allowing you to choose the best features for the way you prefer to do business.


Proven Service Support

Our Service Dept. has been supporting machines that have been in the field for 20 years or more. Knowledgeable and experienced technicians are backing up our products.


Two Year Limited Warranty

I wanted to send a note to thank the Service Technicians that helped me yesterday. I recently inherited my father’s self-serve car wash, and do not know anything about your products. The machine was not working properly and I called. The technician asked me a few questions, and walked me through the troubleshooting process. After a few tries – we were back up and running. It was wonderful to be able to call a company and talk to a knowledgeable person.

I will recommend Standard Change-Makers to anyone in the car wash industry as a trusted and reliable partner.

Sara Ann Malone, Big Suds Car Wash
(Blankenship, TX)

Thanks! – I have dealt with Standard Changer Company both as a distributor and a customer for 40 years. Thanks for being the one company in the coin laundry industry that has been consistently solid, maintained excellent customer service, and continued to make their SC series products with the same high quality standards for that entire 4 decades. That is almost unheard of in this day and time. — Also, hats off to your outstanding parts and service team.

David Smith, Laundry Owner
(Knoxville, TN)

Because I manage multiple stores, being able to receive email alerts via the EF+ Module when my bill cassettes are low is an important time-saver!

Knowing when to refill bill cassettes means our patrons can always break $20 & $10 bills – which improves our customer service.

Bruce Gilliat, Las Vegas Coin Ldy.
(Las Vegas, NV)

The new EF+ Module is perfect for the passive owner. I would recommend this new device for anyone that needs to see how the businnes is doing when they can’t be there.

I’m not at my store every day, but I get daily audit reports from the change machines. It was easy to install and set-up. Now, when I fill my hoppers, I enter the starting amount and set the low level amount – so when it starts getting low, I get a text alert on my cell phone. It works great!

Kevin Robert, The Laundry Room
(Doylestown, PA)

Industries We Serve

Laundry Industry


Coin Op Laundries
Standard Change-Maker offers a variety of configurations and options to help laundry owners operate their business effectively.

Laundry Industry


Self-Service or Automatic Car Washes
Standard Change machines dispensing change or tokens for Self-Serve Bays, or our Guardian XP (GXP) Series being used in Automatic Bays

Laundry Industry


Vending Break Rooms, Carousels, Arcades and Family Entertainment Centers
Standard Change Machines provide change for snack and soda machines; and tokens for game rooms, billiards and darts.

Laundry Industry


Schools, Zoos, Museums, Parking, Carnivals, Festivals, Haunted Houses
Standard Change Machines dispense change, tokens or tickets and accept bills, coins, or credit cards.

Services We Offer

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Experienced Service

Our Service Department is second to none! Our experienced techicians know our products and continue to support machines over 20 years old, and still in service.

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In-House Engineering

Our machines are designed and supported by our own staff of skilled Engineers. That includes cabinet design, software, control boards, cables – EVERYTHING that goes into the finished product.

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Dedicated Sales Team

Our Sales Representatives are here to assist you in answering your questions, specifying the proper machine, and working with an authorized distributor in placing your order.

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Built to Order

Standard Change machines are built to your order specifications! The variety of available optional features mean your machine is built and tested to meet your specific requirements.

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Drop Shipments

We sell our machines through authorized distributors all over North America, and in most instances we can ship direct to your location.

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Ongoing Innovation

We are always improving our product offerings. Based on feedback from our customers, we always strive to make our machines better, faster, more secure, and built to provide the best return on your investment.