Rear Load Pay Station / Cashless / Credit Card & Code Only

Standard’s Guardian XP series of Car Wash Entry Systems includes the GXP-BE (dubbed ‘Basic Entry’) model that is a cashless pay station designed for use in Convenience Store applications where the the majority of users would not require cash to fire the wash. C-Store owners would prefer to sell codes at the pump, or allow customers to purchase washes with a credit card. The GXP-BE provides the security of having no cash in the machine.

The GXP-BE features four wash selection buttons, and an LCD Display that provides instructions to the customer. An optional voice module and intercom module is available to allow customers to interact with a Cashier or Attendant in the C-store in case of a problem.

The GXP-BE can interface with “Pay-At-Pump” POS code devices allowing customers to purchase wash codes while purchasing fuel, and redeem them at the same site or multiple locations.

The Guardian XP is a versatile and flexible machine at an affordable price with cost-effective performance and promotional programs.

GXP-BE features:

  • Rear Load configuration for Automatic Wash Entry
  • Choice of Painted Steel or Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Sunlight-resistant LCD Instructions Display
  • (4) Lighted, Steel Wash Selection Buttons
  • 12-key Steel Keypad for Code Entry, Programming and Reporting functions
  • Stainless Steel or Painted Steel Cabinet with applied Lexan graphics Decal
  • LED Accent Lights on the face of the machine for easy visibility
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Cash | Credit Cards | Codes
Coins or Tokens | Bills
2,000 QTRS ($800) | Up to 1,000 Bills
30.00"H x 27.00"W x 15.00"D
Ship Weight
285 lbs.


The GXP-BE Paystation is available in either a painted steel or stainless steel cabinet with matching angled Mounting Base



The GXP-BE Paystation will “fire a wash” with input of a Card or Code only. Removing all cash from the pay station provides more security for C-Store washes



The GXP-BE has been used at convenience stores, fleet washes and car dealerships. The LED accent lights provide great visibility during evening and night operations

Optional Features for GXP-BE

Painted Steel Cabinet (Gray Paint)
42" Angled (Gray) Painted Steel Mounting Base
12" Steel Mounting Base - for Masonry Enclosures
Cooling Fan Kit
Voice Module & Proximity Sensor Kit (Voice Prompts)
Red, Green, Amber Metal Selection Buttons
Credit Card Processing - Nayax
SitePRO-Basic Remote Management System (GXP Only)
Nayax Credit Card Payment Kit
Custom Lexan Decal
Stainless Steel Cabinet
42" Angled Stainless Steel Mounting Base
Rear Door Security Door Guard Kit
180-Watt Heating Kit w/ Thermostat
Custom Voice Prompts (Male or Female)
Credit Card Processing - Datacap Systems IPTran
Credit Card Processing - Cryptopay
SitePRO-Plus Remote Management System (Entire Site)
Pay-At-Pump POS System Intergration
Receipt & Audit Printer Kit