Front Load Console / 2 Mega-Hoppers / 2 Bill Acceptors

Standard’s Modular Series were designed for “simple function” coin dispensing. But don’t let that term fool you. These changers are excellent coin & tokens change machines, and offer a variety of ‘plug & play’ options to help you customize the machine to your specific business needs. For example, the dual acceptor or “-DA” models feature our Dual Redundancy Feature – which allows communication between both bill acceptors and both coin hoppers. This allows the machine to dispense from both coin hoppers in the case of one bill acceptor being jammed. That’s true built-in back-up!

The MC920-DA is a console unit with the change components in the top portion, and lockable storage in the bottom portion. It is a great machine that can be used in arcades, game rooms, Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s), carnivals, festivals or coin laundries – anyplace where access to a lot of quarters or tokens is necessary. With two steel mega-capacity coin hoppers, holding up to 20,000 quarters ($5,000 capacity), the MC920-DA can dispense coins, tokens or a combination of coins and tokens.

MC920-DA Change Machine Features:

  • Front Load Console configuration for Change or Tokens
  • (2) Bill Acceptors – accepts $1 – $20 Bills – with 1,000 Bills Stackers each
    (Coinco Vantage, CPi (Mars) Talos, Pyramid APEX, and Cashcode available)
  • (2) Steel, Modular Series Coin Mega-Hoppers – hold up to 20,000 Quarters ($5,000 capacity)
  • Heavy gauge, steel Console cabinet with (2) T-handle Locks
  • Lockable Storage Compartment with T-handle lock
  • High gloss, powder-coat enamel paint finish with applied Lexan graphics decal
  • ETL certified in accordance with UL and CSA standards
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
    $1 | $5 | $10 | $20
    Coins and/or Tokens
    20,000 Quarters | $5,000
    50"H x 28"W x 18"D
    Ship Weight
    420 lbs.


    The Front Load Console Model #MC920-DA Change Machine has two mega-coin hoppers and two bill acceptors in a tall, steel console cabinet with locking storage compartment


    The MC920-DA can accept bills and coins, and can dispense coins or tokens or combination of both



    The MC920-DA shown with an optional “TOKENS” decal

    Optional Features for MC920-DA

    CPi (Mars) Bill Acceptor (US or CAN)
    Cashcode Bill Acceptor (CAN)
    Electronic Coin Acceptor Kit
    (1) Non-Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit
    (1) Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit
    Transcient Surge Suppressor
    MC Relay Kit (requires EF Module)
    Bill Acceptor Opening Cover Plate
    Crank Locks Upgrade with Medeco Lock Plugs
    Custom Lexan Graphics Decal
    Pyramid Bill Acceptor (US)
    Backlit Sign Box
    Gas Shocks (to hold upper lid up)
    (2) Non-Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit
    (2) Resettable Bills/Coins Counter Kit
    EF+ Module - with Remote Notification
    Portable Audit Printer Kit (requires EF Module)
    Locking Lid for Coin Hopper
    Red/White "TOKENS" Lexan Graphics Decal
    180-watt Strip Heater (with thermostat)