SC-Conversion Kit

Replacement Parts: Downstack Bill Acceptor, Controller, Brackets & Hardware

For current owners of Standard Change-Makers SC series change machines that are aging and becoming harder to maintain, Standard Change-Makers introduces a retrofit kit with a CPi (Mars) Talos series Bill Acceptor and the SC-Controller. The SC-Conversion Kit was introduced to allow owners with the older System 500, 500-E, 600-FST and 600-EF bill acceptors to continue using their existing machines – by only replacing the aging bill acceptor (and separating stacker) with the CPi Talos downstacker bill acceptor.

The heart of the SC-Conversion Kit is the new SC-Controller. It looks like our popular EF+ Module, and uses the same menu driven interface, but it communicates with the hoppers and Mars bill acceptor in the manner in which the System 500/600 bill acceptor. The SC-Controller can support up to four hoppers, one electronic coin acceptor and one bill acceptor. Further, the updated technology of the SC-Controller includes an Ethernet port – that allows you to hardwire your Controller to your network router, and set up programming to send you daily audit reports and outs of service alerts to up to 6 email addresses.

SC-Conversion Kit includes:

  • (1) CPi (Mars) T6 Talos series Bill Acceptor – accepts $1 – $20 Bills – with 700 Bills Stacker (CPi (Mars) Talos series Downstacker Bill Acceptor)
  • Interior & Exterior Bill Acceptor Mounting Bracket (with hardware)
  • Power and Communication Cables
  • SC-Controller with touch pad and LCD interface
  • Power Supply, Hardware and Installation Instructions
  • One Year Limited Warranty
$1 | $5 | $10 | $20
Coins or Tokens
System 500/500-E/600-FST/600-EF
Ship Weight
25 lbs.
SC-Conversion Controller

SC-Conversion Kit

Includes the SC-Conversion Controller – with Remote Notification feature

SC60 with SC-Conversion Kit

SC60 Series Machine with SC-Conversion Kit

Convert your SC series machines to CPi (Mars) Bill Acceptors


SC34RL-DA with SC-Conversion Kit

SC34RL-DA with SC-Conversion Kits Installed

Dual Acceptor (-DA) models will require two SC-Conversion Kits, as these machines are set-up as independent side in one cabinet under System 500/600 technology