Remote Management System for Credit Card, Gift, Fleet & Loyalty Card System

Standard’s SitePRO Remote Management Systems interface with the Guardian XP series Car Wash Entry Systems to allow owners to monitor an individual wash bay, multiple automatic and self-serve bays at the same location and all the wash bays at multiple locations. Available in two packages: SitePRO Basic for a single wash location and SitePRO-Plus for multiple equipment monitoring at a single wash location. Owners can connect multiple SitePRO Plus locations to a Central Reporting Server and monitor the business at many locations from a remote computer.

Further, the SitePRO System provides hi-speed credit card processing. In addition – customers can register their credit card on a customized web site and use it as a loyalty card. That eliminates the need to purchase hundreds of custom cards for your loyalty program. Owners can set up their own premiums and bonus payment programs online.

The SitePRO-Plus can also interface with several different alarm notification contacts to provide remote monitoring via computer or mobile phone. Get texts or emails that will advise of a door open situation, a bay out of service, a pump down, low level warning on chemical barrels, changer error, etc. Likewise, you can log on to your SitePro page and see real-time activity at your wash bays, revenue reports, and daily weather status.

The SitePRO is an innovative and excellent management tool for owners that can’t be at their wash every minute of every day. The system allows you to monitor and record all the car wash activities at your location.

SitePRO Remote Management System features:

  • SitePRO Server
  • * Requires hi-speed internet connection (Cable or DSL)
  • Hi-Speed Credit Card Processing
  • Alarm Notification Text Messages
  • Daily Transaction E-mails
  • Fleet, Gift and Loyalty Card Programs
  • Your own Web Site for Customers to sign-up online for Loyalty program
  • “Out of Service” Alerts
  • Complete Wash Site Accounting
  • Activate or Reset Equipment remotely
PC-based Server
Hi-Speed Internet Connection
Network with Router Connections
120v/AC Electrical Supply
Mounts in Utility Room or Office (Indoors)


The SitePRO Remote Management System allows owners to monitor what’s happening at their car wash locations in real time and get alarm notifications to a computer or mobile phone


SitePRO Basic

The SitePRO Basic System interfaces between the Automatic Wash Bay equipment and the Guardian XP Pay Station


SitePRO Plus

The SitePRO Plus System interfaces with your GXP Pay Station and all your wash bays, and can provide notifications on different equipment throughout your wash location



The SitePRO Basic screenshot shows a Guardian XP and lets the owner know immediately that everything is operational and get a glance at revenue for the business day

Optional Features for SitePRO

SitePRO-Basic (Monitors GXP Only)
SitePRO-Plus Central Management (Monitors Multiple Sites)
Additional GXP Interface Kits (multiple GXP's on same site)
SitePRO Fleet & Gift Cards (2,500 each)
Third-Party Pay Station Integration Kits
SitePRO-Plus (Monitors Entire Car Wash Site)
SitePRO-Basic Fleet & Gift Card Acceptance Upgrade
SitePRO Fleet & Gift Cards (1,000 each)
Self-Serve & Vac Integration Kits
Third-Party Site Management Integration Kits