Guardian XP (GXP)

Front Load Pay Station / One Bill Acceptor / Credit Card / Coin Acceptor / One Coin Hopper

Standard’s Guardian XP series of Car Wash Entry Systems were designed to address the marketing and promotions needs of car wash operators. Seeing a need to provide a cost-effective solution for the low-cost promotions such as: Time-of-Day and Day-of-Week Discount Codes, Charity Codes, Promotional Discount Codes, Fleet Codes, One-Time Use Codes, etc. This flexibility allows owners to promote their wash throughout their community and offer special pricing that will appeal to a lot of different demographic targets.

The GXP features four wash selection buttons, and up to 4 additional wash selection buttons or upsell buttons. The additional buttons have been used for Hybrid Wash packages — one set is for friction washes and the other set is used for touchless; or for upsell services like tire shines, waxes, or windshield treatments.

The GXP can accept most forms of payment: Bills, Coins, Tokens, Credit Cards, and Codes. It has a Coin Hopper that will dispense change for any cash overpayment, or can dispense a bonus token that can be used for vacuums or vending machines. The GXP can process credit cards via dial-up phone connections or hi-speed internet connections. It can also interface with “Pay-At-Pump” POS code devices and the SitePRO+ Remote Management System.

The Guardian XP is a versatile and flexible machine at an affordable price with cost-effective performance and promotional programs.

Guardian XP (GXP) features:

  • Front Load configuration for Automatic Wash Entry
  • Choice of “Free Standing” or “Retrofit” Cabinet Design
  • (1) CPi (Mars) Bill Acceptor – accepts $1 – $20 Bills – with 500 Bills Stacker
    (Coinco Vantage available in Canada)
  • (1) Weatherproof, Mag Stripe Card Reader
  • (1) Steel, Modular Series Coin Hoppers – hold up to 2,000 Quarters ($500 capacity)
  • (1) IDX Electronic Coin Acceptor for $1 Coins, Qtrs and up to (4) Tokens
  • Sunlight-resistant LCD Display
  • (4) Lighted, Steel Wash Selection Buttons
  • 12-key Steel Keypad for Code Entry, Programming and Reporting functions
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet with applied Lexan graphics Decal
  • LED Accent Lights on the face of the machine for easy visibility
  • Stainless Steel Coin Cup
  • (2) Crank Locks with Medeco Lock Plugs
  • One Year Limited Warranty
$1 | $5 | $10 | $20 Bills
Quarters & $1 Coins | Codes
One Denomination of Coins or Tokens
2,000 Quarters ($500)
26.25"H x 20.50"W x 13"D
Ship Weight
235 lbs.

Guardian XP

The Guardian XP (GXP) Paystation has a solid stainless steel cabinet with sunlight-resistant LCD display and up to 8 selection buttons


Guardian XP

The Guardian XP (GXP) Paystation provides multiple payment forms: Coins, Bills, Credit Card, Codes and Tokens; and can dispense change and/or bonus tokens


Guardian XP

The GXP Pay Station can be installed in some older paystations without tearing down the masonry enclosure. Finish Rings, Bases, Hoods and other enclosures are also available

Optional Features for Guardian XP

20" Straight Stainless Steel Base - Curb Install
CPi (Mars) 700 bill Stacker Upgrade
Coinco Vantage Bill Acceptor : $1 - $20 (U.S.)
Coinco Vantage Bill Acceptor : $5 - $20 (CAN)
Locking Coin Hopper Lid
Voice Module & Proximity Sensor Kit (Voice Prompts)
Cooling Fan Kit
Up to 4 Additional Wash Selection/Upsell Buttons
Credit Card Processing - Nayax
SitePRO-Basic Remote Management System (GXP Only)
Receipt & Audit Printer Kit
26" Straight Stainless Steel Base - No Curb Install
Wall-Mount, Stainless Steel Dixmore Scrolling Msg. Sign Box
CPi (Mars) 1,000 bill Stacker Upgrade
CPi (Mars) Bill Acceptor : $5 - $20 (CAN)
Second 2.0K Coin/Token Hopper
Custom Voice Prompts (Male or Female)
240-Watt Heater Kit w/ Thermostat Control
Choice of Red, Green, Amber color Button Lights
Credit Card Processing - Cryptopay
SitePRO-Plus Remote Management System (Entire Site)
Custom Lexan Decal