Have you ever had a customer approach one of your attendants or employees and say that they put a $10 bill in the change machine, but only received $8 in change? It puts your employee in an awkward position. They have to trust the customer and follow store policy in making up the difference… or not. You risk a potential angry customer, and maybe even worse.

New External Display of an Old Feature

For many years, Standard Change-Makers machines equipped with the either the Handheld Data Terminal (in the System 600 machines) or Expanded Function Modules (EF or EF+ Module in Modular machines), have had a function called: “LAST 10 BILLS ACCEPTED.” An owner could scroll through the last (most recent) ten transactions, and see the bill accepted and the actual dispense, be it quarters, dollar coins, tokens or bills. Each transaction also displays the time and date of the transaction.

The Patron Display is a 2-Line, LCD display on the outside of the machine that provides access to that function so it is visible without opening the machine. When idle, the display shows a simple message: “PLEASE DEPOSIT MONEY TO BEGIN.” When a customer inserts a bill into the bill acceptor, the display will show the denomination accepted and the number of bills dispensed. After the transaction is completed, it returns to the “PLEASE DEPOSIT” message (the display also shows when the machine is OUT OF SERVICE).

The Patron Display scrolls through the last ten transactions when activated by the Attendant Keyswitch (shown not an actual display)

Attendant Keyswitch activates “LAST 10 BILLS ACCEPTED”

Most business owners do not want employees having access to the money inside the change machine. To get access to the EF+ Module to activate the “Last 10 Bills Accepted” function, they need a key to get inside the machine. With the Patron Display option, the Attendant has a key to a switch on the outside of the machine. When they turn the keyswitch, it activates the “Last 10 Bills” function to scroll on the Patron Display – starting at the most recent transaction as number 1, and it shows the amount accepted and what was dispensed. It will verify if the machine did not pay out the complete amount or show that it did. It scrolls through all ten transactions, or until the key is turned back.

This allows the attendant and the customer to see what the machine’s audit reporting shows. This feature will save time in writing up a report that the owner will need to address by checking the video footage and checking the audit reporting of the machine to verify the shortage, and then contacting the customer.

The Patron Display with Attendant Keyswitch is currently only available on the Genmega Series Bill Exchangers (BX1000-GM, BX2000RL-GM, etc.), but we are considering adding it to additional products if the interest in the feature continues to grow.