Since 1955, Standard Change-Makers, Inc. has been setting the “standard” in bill, coin & card acceptance and change, token and ticket dispense for self-service, coin-operated entities, including the laundry, carwash, amusement and vending sectors. Maintaining a reputation for building the most secure, reliable and dependable products in the industry, we have grown with the industries we serve by being on the forefront of technology for bill validation, electronic dispense and modular “plug & play” components. Further, client feedback is the cornerstone of our innovation – you talk, we listen.

As such, we launched several technologies over the past year that resolved several key problematic customer pain-points. What follows is a recap of the innovations that made 2018 both a rewarding and remarkable year for all of us here at Standard.

SC-Conversion Kit

Technology has definitely changed since the release of our System 500, 500-E, System 600-FST, and 600-EF bill validator products in the 1980’s. With thousands of these systems still in operation, keeping pace with advances in technology has been challenging for these clients. Our new SC-Conversion Kit was developed to replace those aging bill acceptors, allowing customers to upgrade equipment without forfeiting reliable coin hopper operation or removing permanently placed cabinets. Best of all, the SC-Conversion Kit includes our Remote Notification Feature that owners can program to receive daily audit reports and text or email alerts when a problem occurs.

EF+ Module

To increase the capabilities of the original Expanded Function (EF) Module feature used in our Modular Series change machines, we created the second generation, dubbed the EF+ Module. The EF+ not only features advanced technology with more onboard memory and a faster processor, it also has an Ethernet port that enables the Remote Notification Feature. Using an Ethernet cable hardwired directly to the location’s network router, this feature empowers alerts and reporting to up to five email addresses or mobile phone numbers. Furthermore, the new EF+ Module enables a new level of programmability. When a hopper or bill dispenser is replenished, owners can program the “Dispenser Low Level” Alert to send a text alert when a specific level is reached. Likewise, you can also program a “Bill Stacker Full” alert when the bill validator’s stacker box is almost full. These capabilities help ensure that your machine continues operating and gives you advance notice that it’s time to collect and replenish.

CPi Recyclers

Standard has integrated CPi (Mars) Bill Recycling technology into our products. This advanced replenishing technology takes bill validating to the next level by accepting notes for payment, then storing those same notes (up to 30 bills) in internal barrels which are then returned as change to consumers when they use larger denominations. Machines equipped with Recyclers can provide more convenience for patrons and free attendants from spending time on making bill change for customers, to focus on more important daily duties.

Alternative Credit Card Acceptance Kits

Say hello to EMV-compliance and goodbye to fraud risk! Standard’s new Alternative Credit Card Acceptance Interface Kits allow customers to convert existing Credit Card-to-Token machines to EMV-compatible solutions.

The Nayax VPOS™ Card Reader and AMIT™ Cellular/IP device. Standard has also successfully integrated the USA Technologies ePort™ Card Reader and G-10 device. Both solutions support both traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards along with the newer NFC technology found in contactless cards and mobile wallets.

We are also working on interfacing with the CrytoPay™ reader.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that these solutions may requires software upgrades (EF Module and/or Hopper Boards); and Card Reader Mounting Brackets will be necessary. You will be required to order the MDB-only Card Readers & Modem device kits directly from Nayax or USA Technologies in order to sign up for processing under your own merchant account using their approved and certified processor.

Glory Bill Dispensers

Bill dispensing has always required a different approach. Our Glory single note bill dispenser, aka MiniMech, ups the ante from our previous models, the UniNote Bill Dispenser and Fujitsu F50 Bill Dispenser, offering the best of both and more. Featuring patented Double Bill Detection (DBT) technology that prevents the inadvertent dispense of multiple bills and a self-adjustment sensor that auto-adjusts tension for optimum alignment, the MiniMech bill dispenser dispenses bills horizontally using fewer belts and gears than other models, helping to lower the probability of required maintenance. Easy to load, the MiniMech has a 1,000-note capacity, providing the ultimate in low-maintenance bill dispensing. Already installed in our BX Rear Load machines, the system has been in the field for over a year now, garnering rave reviews for being reliable and easy to maintain.

Moving Forward Into the New Year

Standard Change-Makers has several initiatives planned for 2019.

  • MiniMech bill dispensers will be installed in our Front Load BX1010-G systems.
  • MultiMech, our Glory dual-note bill dispenser, will be released in our Front Load and Rear Load models. Our BX1020-G and BX1020RL-G models will boast a 3,000 bills capacity!
  • Glory bill dispensers will be incorporated into our BCX (Bill-and-Coin Exchangers) Series machines.
  • A new EMV-ready chip card reader and Datacap Modem device with an intuitive touch screen interface will be introduced into our Credit Card-to-Token series, providing more package selections for both credit card acceptance and cash acceptance.
  • Both the iU285 Card Reader, offering chip card, mag-stripe, near-field “Tap ‘n’ Go” or mobile phone pay card acceptance, and the Datacap Systems IPTran LT™ hi-speed, internet-based processing device that allows the choice of multiple EMV-ready processor networks (i.e. First Data, Paymentech, Global, Vantiv-Worldpay, etc.) will be incorporated into our systems.

Throughout our more than 60 years in business, Standard Change-Makers has maintained its commitment to secure construction, reliability, accuracy and long product life. Further, our customer service support leads the industry, providing rapid response and remedy for both new systems and machines that have been in the field for decades. We have many milestones ahead of us in 2019, and are sure that in each endeavor, we will mimic the successes we achieved in 2018 to bring you the latest in reliable, secure currency changers.