Bill Validator only used in old Model SC5 Change Machines sold in 1990’s

INDIANAPOLIS – Standard Change-Makers introduces a new Conversion Kit for the obsolete System 200/A bill validator that was used in our old Model SC5 change machines during the 1990’s. The Part #4K01465-FI – Sys200 Conversion Kit includes a CPi (Mars) T7-Talos series bill acceptor, SC-Conversion Controller, Controller Mounting Stand, Bill Acceptor Mounting Bracket and External Cover Plate, and all the hardware and cables needed to interface with the existing hopper and power supply and installation instructions.

The SC5-Rhino was a very popular model, and the System 200/A bill validator was part of our engineering effort to develop a lower cost, entry level machine with a smaller footprint and capacity. The System 200/A bill validator had a self-contained bill stacker and would accept $1 and $5 U.S. bills and $5 Canadian bills. It was popular for Vending locations and small laundry rooms.

SC5-Rhino with Sys200A Conversion Kit
SC5 Change Machine with System 200/A Conversion Kit installed.

If you have an aging System 200/A bill validator that hasn’t been working or needs a lot of attention, contact the Standard Change-Maker’s Service/Parts Dept. and ask about the System 200/A Conversion Kit.

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