The MC400RL-SLIM comes with one bill acceptor and two coin hoppers. You can add a second bill acceptor as an optional feature.

INDIANAPOLIS – Standard Change-Makers introduces a new model to its rear load change machine line-up. The MC400RL-SLIM is a taller and thinner version of our MC400RL machine. Supplied with two standard 3,200 quarter coin hoppers, bringing the total capacity to 6,400 quarters (or 5,000 dollar coins) with a single bill validator.

The unique offering of the MC400RL-SLIM is the cabinet will fit directly in the same rough opening as the old Rowe model BC1400 change machine. Built to the same dimensions as the BC1400 (38.5”H x 12”W x 18”D), the MC400RL-SLIM can slide into the same rough opening. This will allow for minimal time and money spent on masonry updates of exterior walls, or remodeling interior walls. Supplied with a 6-foot electrical cord, it can be plugged into a standard 120VAC electrical outlet. The MC400RL-SLIM also is supplied with the wider coin cup that will easily handle the dispense of 80 quarters!

The MC400RL-SLIM is available with an optional second bill acceptor. Likewise, the EF+ Module with its ‘Remote Notification Feature’ can provide daily audit reports and alerts to up to six (6) email addresses or mobile phones.

Being part of the Modular (MC) Series change machine line, most of the MC Series optional features are also available in the MC400RL-SLIM.

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MC400RL-SLIM – Standard Change-Makers