SC-Conversion Kits with CPi (Mars) Bill Acceptors

INDIANAPOLIS – Standard Change-Makers Service introduced the SC-Conversion Kit because our Service Team was dealing with a dilemma that we knew would come eventually. The technology of our popular System 500, 500-E, 600-FST, 600-EF bill acceptors would become outdated. These workhorses, many that have been in service since the 1980’s, have reached the point where they have outlived their suppliers or the components upon which they rely to do their functions.

Aging Technology

Standard Change-Makers was informed in 2019 that an important processor used on the control boards was no longer available. We searched the various marketplaces and purchased as many as we could get, and decided that we would dedicate the available inventory to repairs – while discontinuing the production of new bill acceptors. The SC line of change machines was removed from the price list and the web site.

Keep your SC series cabinet and hoppers in place

However, we felt compelled to continue supporting these SC series machines, because many customers were familiar with them and loved the durability of the SC coin hoppers and robust cabinets. Hence, our Engineers developed the SC-Conversion Kit as a solution to allow our existing System 500/600 machines to continue working after the bill acceptors called it quits.

SC-Conversion Brochure
SC-Conversion Kit Brochure

The kit allows the owner to keep their machine installed, but remove the aging bill acceptor and separating stacker, and install a CPi (Mars) downstacker bill acceptor. The kit includes mounting brackets, hardware, cables and the SC-Conversion Controller. The device looks similar to the EF+ Module, but has a completely different board architecture. But, it does include the popular Remote Notification feature. An Ethernet port allows owners to hardwire the Controller to their network router, then set-up the programming to send daily audit reports and out of service alerts to up to 6 emails or cell phones.

For more information visit our SC-Conversion Kit page: SC-Conversion Kit – Standard Change-Makers